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Rodie & Connolly P.C. is a Connecticut law firm whose practice is limited to matters subject to our jurisdiction. While we may be able to assist you in locating competent representation in other jurisdictions we do not give legal advice in states in which we are not authorized to do so.

No Attorney Client relationship shall be established by the use of this website or by communicating with Rodie & Connolly P.C. over this website.

An Attorney Client relationship shall be established only when a signed retainer agreement has been executed by the client which describes the particulars as they relate to the relationship.

Rodie & Connolly P.C. does not seek to represent that the firm is specialized. Only individual attorneys can be identified under the Connecticut Rules of Practice as specialists in any particular field.

The attorneys at Rodie & Connolly P.C. practice in Connecticut and do not intend to make any representations relating to legal matters outside of that jurisdiction.

The "our cases" section of the website is for illustrative purposes only.

Any links to other sites are for the users convenience only and are not intended to confer any other meaning or import of any kind whatsoever.

All civil litigation in Connecticut is subject to various statutes of limitation which control the time period within which a lawsuit must be commenced in order to avoid being time barred. Each case must be evaluated on its respective facts and merits in order to determine the specific time limitation which applies to the specific matter. This must be done only after a client has engaged an attorney to represent their interests. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD ANY INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS SITE BE CONSTRUED AS LEGAL ADVICE AND OR AN OPINION REGARDING THE LIMITATION PERIOD WHICH MAY PERTAIN TO YOUR MATTER.

You should not make any decision regarding whether your case has merit or not based upon the limited information contained in this website. Such a decision should only be made after a thorough and diligent evaluation of your potential case.

Rodie & Connolly P.C. is happy that you have chosen to visit our website. We hope the information contained in the site is helpful in generally describing the nature of our practice and who we are. We strongly urge you to fully and completely evaluate your potential matter by meeting with us and/or any other law firm competent to handle matters within this jurisdiction.


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