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Do You Have A Case? RODIE & CONNOLLY, P.C. offers a free consultation to individuals who call us in connection with potential claims. Not every injury or loss is one in which a claim exists. One of our purposes in meeting with you during a free consultation is to advise you whether we believe, based upon our judgment and experience, you have a case which has merit and which is worth pursuing. If you have questions as to whether you have a case and whether you wish to pursue it, feel free to call us for a consultation at no charge. We are here to help.

Our Constitution and our system of justice relies on the jury system. Under our system of law, the jury ultimately decides whether an individualís injuries were caused by the negligence of another and it is the jury who decides ultimately to what extent an injured individual is entitled to compensation.

Serious injuries result in significant compensatory damages. At the end of every case, the judge gives to the jury instructions which essentially boil down to the following: (1) your job (the jury) is to award fair, just and reasonable damages to compensate the Plaintiff for the injuries and losses which he or she has sustained. In every case, proof of damages is an important element. If you have been seriously injured in an accident, we can help by properly marshaling all of the necessary damages evidence both economic and non-economic.

At RODIE & CONNOLLY, P.C., we believe strongly in the jury system. We are dedicated to the principle that a jury should decide your case if a reasonable offer of settlement is not made. Our experience has been that when cases are properly prepared for trial, insurance companies make offers of settlement which are fair, just and reasonable. If you have been injured as a result of negligence, contact us. We can help.


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